Maxx energy drinks

With premium ingredients, no artifical sweeteners
and preservatives, but fortified with
5 vitamins and taurine we deliver you
our best seller first price
category energy drink

We have mixed what every buyer and consumer wish to have:

  • an economical price coupled with a top-quality content
  • an exclusive outlook
  • beloved flavours (classic tutti-frutti, white strawberry-guava, watermelon)


MAXX energy drink help you to overcome fatigue and grant you long-term attention and concentration at any time you wish.

To whom we offer

  • Drivers, who wish to have the precise focus on the road after driving several-hour-long
  • Students, who are about to maximize their performance in their study hours
  • Party people, who need to have energy all night long, but they wish to avoid alcohol
  • Consumers who desire to reward themselves with some tasty, energizing drink in the daily rush

Product details

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Maxx TROPICAL 500 ml can

Maxx HAPPY 250 ml can

Maxx TROPICAL 250 ml can

Maxx MELLÓÓÓ 250 ml can

Maxx CIRCUS 250 ml can

Maxx HAPPY 500 ml can

Maxx MELLÓÓÓ 500 ml can

Maxx CIRCUS 500 ml can

Maxx HAPPY 250 ml pet

Maxx HAPPY 500 ml pet

Maxx HAPPY 1000 ml pet

recover your body


In recent years we have seen an increasing interest of BCAA functional drinks as one of the most interesting and growing segments in the non-alcoholic beverage category.

We make possible to serve customers in the retail segment with high quality BCAA (4000 mg) functional drinks for a reasonable price.

did you know?

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are a group of three essential amino acids: leucine, isoleucine and valine.

BCAA supplements are commonly taken in order to:

  • boost muscle growth
  • enhance the performance
  • support the weight loss
  • reduce fatigue after exercise


We have mixed BCAA with collagen and magnesium to boost the effect:

  • Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, it is like a “glue” that holds all these things together.
  • Magnesium has many functions include helping with muscle and nerve function, regulating blood pressure, and supporting the immune system.

To whom we offer

  • Sportsmen, and people who are doing exercises on a weekly basis
  • Manual workers who have heavy workload on a daily basis
  • Mental workers who need to have a strong focus on a longer run
  • People who wish to regenerate and boost their nutrition and immune system

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MAXX BCAA Berry mix 330 ml can

MAXX BCAA Lime 330 ml can


Choose MAXX SOOODA to refresh yourself during your day and share the unique moments with your loved ones.

MAXX SOOODA drinks have less than 75 kcal per 330ml, so they can be a great match to your rushing lifestyle. Enjoy MAXX SOOODA delicious flavours by being aware of your calorie intake!


MAXX SOOODA is not just about low-calorie intake, it’s about forming healthy habits that make you feel your best so that you can get the best out of life.

To whom we offer

  • Consumers, who are conscious of their calorie intake

  • Party people, who desire to drinks delicious non-alcoholic drinks

  • For those who would like have a short break during the day and enjoy some refreshing tastes

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Maxx SOOODA Orange 330ml can

Maxx SOOODA Strawberry 330ml can

Maxx SOOODA Lemon 330ml can


Stable supply chain

We have carefully chosen our suppliers, and invested thousands of Euros to have always 1.000.000 pieces of cans on stock.

Precise logistics

We have deep experience to meet the requirements of the strictest retail partners too, we are used to keep the timing of time slots or gather all the necessary international documents for your delivery.

Deffered payment terms

We have a trustworthy factoring partner. 30-day-long payment term is available upon having the approval of our credit insurer.

Affordable pricing

Our mission is to deliver top quality drinks to everyday people, and have reliable goods on the shelves of retail chains.

Marketing support

Your sales will be supported by marketing materials based on your request

Experienced customer service

Some of our colleagues are with us for more than a decade. We set their professional support at your service. 

MAXX World in numbers

24 million cans
are sold per year
Being popular brand in
8 countries
Being on the market
for 15 years

we bring you the world of drinks!

The story

We produce and distribute energy drinks since 2008. The last 15 years proved that our strategy works well, since the number of our business partners and consumers is growing year by year, we sell more than 24 million cans per year. More than 80% of our colleagues are working with us from the very beginning.

Our most prominent markets are Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Sweden, Lithuania, Reunion, Bosnia and Malta.

Our mission is to deliver top quality drinks to everyday people, to keep the nutritional value and add something extra for an affordable consumer price.

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